Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting Again...

So i began writing this blog sometime in 2010 when i was doing some studies and needed a place to blow off some steam. Since the completion of those studies i havent been online much, well at least not the way i used to be before. In those days i practically ate, slept and lived in front of the PC or buried in a book.

What i did find though is that in 2011 i did miss the joys of expelling my thoughts onto the page. Happy to have my friends read it and tell me their thoughts. But more than that, it was so good to say what was on my mind, 'play the fool' or ask questions with the hope that somebody out there could give me the answers i needed.

So, with 2012 at my feet i return to my Blogging ways. Hope u stay tuned 2012 should be interesting.

Till next time


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Man a Gallis!....AH YES….., never in the history of mankind have such inspirational words been spoken …thank you so much Mr. Vegas, Mr. Kartel, you are such an example for young men everywhere. I thank God everyday that men such as you have taken the time to speak to young men and grow them with values. Oh but let’s not forget the ladies. Gentlemen it’s a good thing you are around so that we women *cough* sorry, ‘tings’ can know our place.

Now I know what you all might be saying, these are just songs, and they are just musicians, but the fact of the matter is their music has a wide listenership and reaches the ears of young people the world over. The reality of the world is that not every young person has a parent or teacher that can give them good advice or guidance. They learn their ABCs and get their Sex Education from TV, Movies and Music.

So when I walk down the street and hear a six year old singing bout the ‘tightest hole’, he ever get inna his life…(and oh yes that is exactly what he singing bout, look at his hand movements in the video), I have to slap myself in the face and wonder where we as a people really heading.
So… being the inquisitive person that I am I decided to have a chat with a few of my guy friends and a few random strangers (lol weird..ah know) about the way men think about sex and relationships. I spoke to few mature men, but the bulk of the persons I spoke to were between the ages of 20-28. Ladies you would be amazed at the some of the responses I got, I am seriously now considering becoming a nun. One interview in particular stood out. A chat is had with a very vocal stranger. I have given the details below.

AGE: 26

Question: Do you have a girlfriend
Answer: No

Question: Did you ever have a serious girlfriend before
Answer: Yes

Question: Well… what happened
Answer: It didn’t end well

Question: Have you had a girlfriend since then
Answer: No girl, I in my prime…MAN A GALLIS, hehehe

Question: So I take it to understand then, that you do not want a girlfriend now
Answer: For What?....i doh have time for that!

Question: Is that because of a bad past relationship?
Answer: No

Question: But you go out on dates right?
Answer: yeah

Question: Does the girl you are dating know that you don’t really want her, that its just about sex?
Answer: No girl, wham to you girl, men doh operate so….i just tell her what she wants to hear.

Question: So, you lie to her
Answer: Yes

Question: Why would you not just be honest, there are girls who would be up for that?
Answer: Not any good girls, quality girls! We don’t mess with dem bad ting!

Question: So what do you tell this girl, after you have had your way?
Answer: I tell them “hear wuz de scene muh girl, I thought I was ready, but I really not ready to start a new relationship, sorry bout that eh” and dat done right dey.

My response Ladies and Gentlemen, was…..WOW!...honestly that was all I could have said. The sad part was that he wasn’t pursuing girls that were open to casual sex he was persuing “Good Girls”; a girl that now genuinely likes him and opens up her body to him. I was flabbergasted to say the least. Somehow I wondered though if a sour past relationship was really to blame for his actions….but he denied that of course.

Is this how our young men think? This is my generation….my lord!

But what can we expect, when being a player or a gallis is so cool. Ent?! Some of the guys I spoke to even indicated that they had girlfriends and still pursued other women. Which to be honest did not shock me, as we have the likes of Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, John Gosling, Jessie James, David Boreanus; the list goes on, who have made it quite clear that there is an outbreak of sexual addiction and we should find an immediate cure or better yet check into rehab.

I can expect as well that this young gentleman (if I can still refer to him as a gentleman) would no doubt discuss these young women in public forum with his friends; degrading her, all for some bragging rights and some pips. Real sad but so very true!

Generations ago, women turned a blind eye to the wandering eyes and illicit affairs of men, but is today’s fast pace, educated, self-sufficient woman to do the same? People I would really like to hear your views on this topic…school me please! Men do you agree with this young ‘gentleman’, tell me your thoughts please…I am intrigued.

Till Next Time....


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Trouble With Love Is…..

One of my favourite movies is “Love Actually”. I LOVE this movie. Why? Because it so perfectly depicts love in all its glory, both the good and the bad; (I see you, stop rolling your eyes.)
So I watched this movie again recently, and now one of the songs from that movie is stuck in my head. It’s a lovely song, sung by Kelly Clarkson (American Idol fame). So, for your viewing pleasure I have posted the video and the lyrics. Enjoy!

The Trouble With Love is- Kelly Clarkson

Oooh oooh, ooooh yeah, mmmm...

Love can be a many splendid thing
Can’t deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings,
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It’ll make you hear a symphony
And you just want the world to see
But like a drug that makes you blind,
It’ll fool ya every time

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a lie
It’s stronger than your pride
The trouble with love is
It doesn’t care how fast you fall
And you can’t refuse the call
See, you got no say at all

Now I was once a fool, it’s true
I played the game by all the rules
But now my world’s a deeper blue
I’m sadder, but I’m wiser too
I swore I’d never love again
I swore my heart would never mend
Said love wasn’t worth the pain
But then I hear it call my name(The trouble with)

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a li
It’s stronger than your pride
The trouble with love is
It doesn’t care how fast you fall
And you can’t refuse the call
See, you got no say at all

Every time I turn around I think I’ve got it all figured out
My heart keeps callin’ and I keep on fallin’Over and over again
This sad story always ends the same
Me standin’ in the pourin’ rain
It seems no matter what I do
It tears my heart in two (The trouble with love is)

The trouble with love, yeah (It can tear you up inside)
It can tear you up inside (Make your heart believe a lie)
Make your heart believe a lie
It’s stronger than your pride (The trouble with love is)
It’s in your heart It’s in your soul (doesn’t care how fast you fall)
You won’t get no control (and you can’t refuse the call)
See, you got no say at all (The trouble with love is)
Oh, yeah(It can tear you up inside) (Make your heart believe a lie)

And NO! I do not have a Tabanka…..thank you very much!!

Till Next Time....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy Alcoholic Mess! Batman….

I'm sure many of you have donned that imaginary cape and pretended to fly around just like a caped crusader. For many of us that caped crusader was Batman. The Batman that stands out in my mind is Adam West, the lead actor in the television series that started with the memorable line.."A Peaceful Day in Gotham City". It was one of my absolute favourite shows.

Even the masterminds behind Family Guy have seemed to take a liking to Adam West as they turned him into a cartoon character in their show acting as the town's mayor..(who by the way is not too much on the bright To date there have been more Batman cartoons and movies made than for any other superhero, even the gracious Superman.

So you can well imagine my excitement to come across some clips of that old Batman series on youtube. i watched a number of clips and then i stumbled across the clip i am highlighting today.

Children of yesteryear....prepare to have your childhood innocence rocked to the core....Kisserz!......."Batman Has a Drinking Problem"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Political Opinions…Keep Them to Yuhself!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of this lovely twin island country, if you would please give me a moment to whisper in your ear...Are you listening...Good...."I do not care which political party you support!!! and NO i do not want to engage in any conversation about why i should vote for your particular party.....Keep it to Yuhself!!"

If the world was meant to know our political persuasions, when we go to vote, booths would not be provided and we would be required to record or better yet announce our vote. In other words my good people, voting is supposed to be an anonymous/ privately done act, and it is done this way for a reason.

People are very passionate about their political affiliations and have been known to get very violent towards persons who do not share their political opinions. I can recall a gentleman calling-in to one of the more popular radio stations claiming that many of his Facebook friends had deleted him because he promoted his political views and directly or indirectly criticized the rival party.

Now people this is a prime example of what i am referring to. Facebook is a public forum!! Now i am not saying that you are not entitled to an opinion, but lets be real, there is a difference between supporting a party and shoving your political views down somebody's throat.

There is a line that we should not cross. Imagine politicians are being insulted, cursed at, even physically attacked while greeting constituents...oh gosh Trinidad!! is that where we are mentally?

We should refrain from speaking about politics and religion in public forums; it's just about being respectful of other peoples' beliefs....

Right now i am itching to say what i think about Kamla and Patrick, but i know better....

I will say this though....Politics in Trinidad is a big Soap Opera...... so get your popcorn ready because its gonna be Hella Entertaining!!

oh and please people get out there and's your duty, and lets leave the pecong to the professionals on the platform OK!!

Till Next Time.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Booty Bitches!!

So..a friend asked me yesterday, "Hersch what is the general theme of your Blog. Is it going to be about Music, Politics, Art, What?" I then proceeded to stare at this individual as though they had suddenly fallen and hit their head on a 'Goo Goo Bef' Tree.

Clearly this individual had forgotten just for a mere moment how totally random, .....sorry I mean eclectic (*Clears Throat*) a person i am. I love far too many things to colour within set lines. So my dear KISSERS this blog shall be very diverse, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, thrown in for good measure.

With that said, on Monday I brought you Music, and today friends i bring you Comedy :)

I love I cant help myself, and i often spend between a half hour to an hour a day on this website looking at random video clips. Why?, because either I can view a music video I can sing along to (which i love), or i can view a video that is utterly hilarious that i can laugh at for days on end.

One such video is the one I am highlighting today. I have no clue who the host is, but he sure does share my sense of humour. Check out this video clip, if this does not crack you up i really don't know what else will.

Ladies and Gentlemen I turn our attention to today's video clip.....BIG BOOTY BITCHES!!

Hehehehe...did you check out the dude on the keyboard...sweet dance moves and Uncle's cry is the worst.....looks like T-Pain has some competition coming his way...hahahaha

Well i hope i made you laugh at least once today....

Till Next Time.....


Monday, May 3, 2010

Trey Sings My Songz


(Please watch the video above before you read this Blog!!)

Now....If you are a female and you have just watched this video; 'I Invented Sex' by Trey Songz, i am quite sure you are fanning yourself and asking the question, "Oh My God", when or where can i get some of that!", or better yet if you can get some from Trey Songz.

But ladies let me disappoint you right away and let you know that Trey and I are happily married, so you can pick from a variety of other bachelors like Drake, or Neyo or Usher. Whomever you choose will be fine....just keep your hands off my man

To the fellas, if you have just watched this video, i am sorry to say that your girlfriend/wife was just having inappropriate thoughts....but not about But dont worry she will remember you as soon as the screen has faded to black and the animal instinct rises...*wink* *wink* (you can thank me later)

But Ladies and Gents, on a serious note Trey Songz's album entitled 'Ready', is really worth a listen. So if you have a few bucks to spend or a passion for R&B music, be sure to get a copy. As of right now I am really feeling this video and the video for 'Neighbors Know My Name' is just as juicy. Apart from Usher no other R&B musician is really representing that smooth, velvet R&B flavour i love so much.

You should also take a look at Trey Songz's MTV Unplugged performance, a half hour well spent i promise you. Its a must see!! Click on the link below i beg you!!

Trey Songz you can serenade me anytime..... *sigh*
(Ladies when you have finished watching the MTV Unplugged performance you will see what I mean)

Till Next Time People.....